Current Queen: Jillian Reynolds of Alpha Xi Delta


Past Queens:



laura queen

Laura Rolfs of Alpha Xi Delta


jessicaJessica Rabbitt of Kappa Beta Gamma


13210_968584749818455_6097134341075151851_nLauren Barnes of Kappa Beta Gamma


576765_10151636182303826_59095871_nSarah St. John of Delta Phi Epsilon


428194_10150569580825216_590213274_nColleen Hoffman of Delta Phi Epsilon


“When I got chosen to be tke queen I was ecstatic because I have always grown up wanting older brothers, and now I had 30 of the most wonderful, interesting, and crazy brothers I could ever had hoped for. My best year in college was thanks to these marvelous men, and I wouldn’t trade being their queen for that all too brief year for anything.” ~ Colleen

Bridget Haley of CC Hams

“It’s an incredible honor to be picked as TKE Queen! I absolutely adore all the guys in TKE and always enjoy their company. I am so excited to have my final year at SNC be enriched by this experience. I will wear those Tau Kappa Epsilon letters with great pride!” ~ Bridget


OnaOna Callahan of Delta Phi Epsilon

“I have loved my experience being TKE Queen because I always have fun while hanging out with the TKE guys. I also truly feel that all the guys of TKE are true genuine people who always look out for me. Overall I feel like I have had a different senior year experience being a Queen. It is a journey but a fun one!” ~ Ona

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