Prytanis (President)

Prytanis: Gabe Golubeff


The duties of the Prytanis are as follows:

    • Oversee the Chapter as the presiding officer at all meetings, including but not limited to, meetings of the Chapter officers, formal Chapter meetings, informal chapter meetings, and rituals.
    • Enforce the constitution, laws, traditions, rituals, and local bylaws and rules, at all times.
    • Listen to the needs of the chapter and attempt to meet them. Clarify the goals of the chapter and carry out the wishes of the chapter, delegating work as appropriate.
    • Appoint all committee chairmen; removing ones who do not fulfill their responsibilities. Appoint a delegate to Conclave, and a delegate to campus interfraternal organizations.
    • Get all chapter members involved during the semester.
    • Ensure communications between your chapter, your school, and other fraternities; between your chapter and the Offices of the Grand Chapter; and between your chapter and your alumni.
    • Along with the Hypophetes, maintain the chapter morale at a high level.
    • Facilitate the running of the operations of the house.
    • Be the spokesman for the chapter.
    • Represent the chapter at Conclave, and see that the chapter participates in TKE educational conferences and programs.
    • Attend Alumni Association meetings as the chapter representative.
    • Coordinate an officer retreat with the Chapter Advisor and a chapter retreat with the Chapter Advisor.
    • Help the Crysophylos prepare an adequate budget.
    • Be a leader; influence others for the benefit of the chapter. Make responsible decisions.

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