Family Trees


At the start of this chapter in 1990, there were 12 original members in the Alpha pledge class.  The family trees below shows their descendants.

If it is hard to read names, “Right Click” the picture and open the image in a new tab or save the image.  If on mobile, you can save the image or pinch-zoom.







Tom Gosselin #6   **Click for expanded view**

Tom Gosselin #6-page-001

Louis Koulekowskis #7  **Click for expanded view**Louis Koulekowski #7 (Jan 2018)-1


David Mancl #9  **Click for expanded view**David Mancl #9 (Jan 2018)-1

Mark Reilly #10    **Click for expanded view**

Mark Reilly #10 (Jan 2018)-1

James Andrew #12  **Click for expanded view**

James Andrew #12-page-001


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